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DESPCRIPTIVE OUTLINE The BERAGRAPH features high performance amplifiers specifically designed to obtain high quality evoked potentials signals. With 14 bit averages, the BERAGRAPH can measure an objective auditory threshold a degree of accuracy greater than 5 db and so distinguish end cochlear deafness from retrocochlear deafness. The auditory stimulator gives burst, login and click stimulation presented either in condensation, refraction or alternating from 0 db to 120 db. The masking intensity can be controlled automatically with the stimulating intensity while maintaining the same programmed difference.

  • Windows 98/ME/XP complaint
  • Simple user's friendly software
  • Superimposition of curves
  • Split screen for comparison of left/right curves
  • Smoothing filter on Stored data
  • Reformatting of parameters during and after test
  • BERA, MLR, LLR & P300 Tests
  • Upto 16 waves can be recorded
  • Auto markings on curves