Digital Memory Scope

MODEL MD-100      












  • Micro Computer based.
  • Memory Storage of 200 list words.
  • Memory retention of 100 years.
  • Menu based, easy operation.
  • Normal AT/ATX keyboard interface
  • Mains/Battery operated.
  • Operates in two test modes
  • User editable words/paired words- any number of time
  • High intensity back lighted LCD display, with large font.
  • User's selectable word list with start and end positioning.
  • Automatic display of points scored at the end of the test.
  • User selectable display On/Off time.



Electronic Depth


MODEL DP-129                                                                                    













  • Impulse Counter: It counts the number of attempts made by the subject in a trial.
  • Provision to stop and move the movable rod instantly with remote switches
  • Rate of movement can be electronically changed from 25mm/sec to 50mm/sec and vice versa
  • Distance between rods 30mm, left or right rod from the movable centre rod
  • Movable range of movable rod 180mm or more
  • Over run prevention: Automatic stop with microswitch
  • LCD pannel meter reading 200mm having accuracy of 0.1mm.
  • Scale 200mm with graduation of 1mm.
  • Illumination: Two cool white 220v and 9 watt fluorescent lamps.
  • Power source AC 220V 50Hz.



Steadiness Tester,

Hole Type














  • A 4-digit single impulse counter
  • A 2800 Hz sonalert tone generator




Rotary Pursuit

MODEL RP-300                                                  












  • Counting Total Revloutions
  • Counting Target Hits
  • Time for "On Target"
  • Time for "OFF Target"
  • Used to test speed, hand eye co-ordination and motor learning



Bassin Anticipation Timer

MODEL BT-505                                                                        













  • Used to test visual acuity eye hand coordination.
  • Used to test perception of motor, visual discrimination of velocity motion prediction
  • It consist of a solid state control unit, a start and finish LED
  • Lighted runway and a response push button
  • Measures more complex hand eye co-ordination & anticipation reaction time.
  • Subject tries to stop the timer the instant the light reaches the end of the runway.



Digital Mirror

Tracking Apparaturs

MODEL MT-981                                                                     












  • Used for motor learning experiments with particular reference to transfer effects.
  • Following countings are done automatically:
    • Total time taken by the subject in tracing the pattern
    • Subject's errors
    • Total time that the subject's stylus is outside the pattern

Flicker Fusion Apparatus

MODEL FF-704 & FF-705                                                                   













  • Compact size, easy to carry in hand.
  • Flicker value displayed in 3 digits
  • Central light source utilizes green and red LED of perfect square wave with stable brightness
  • Simple operation, designed for self examination
  • Flicker value instantly displayed on LCD meter.
  • Sweep speed: 1-0 & 2-0 Hz/sec
  • Frequency Variation: 5.0 to 70.0 Hz
  • Light source: Green And Red (LED)
  • Fusion frequency: LCD Pannel Meter Display



Audio Visual 


Time Apparatus

MODEL RTM-608                                            












  • Micro computer based.
  • Accurate and precise timing using quartz crystal technology
  • Time display on bright LED
  • Stimulus: Light: 3(Green, Red, Yellow)
  • Least count of 0.001 seconds
  • Max time of 999.999 seconds
  • Simulus delay of upto four seconds
  • Easy operation
  • High Quality membrane switches for longer life
  • Optional foot switch for Paddle reaction time.



Digital Type


Reaction Tester

MODEL DRT-2000                                                        













  • Used to test whether a subject can do a controlled operation.
  • Three kinds of lights (Green, Yellow, Red)
  • Power Source: 220V 50 Hz
  • Response time display in 3 digits
  • Power Consumption: 18W
  • Practice: 8 Rounds
  • Test: 16 Rounds
  • Programme: Fixed Pattern and random presentation by manual operation
  • Pause time: 1,2,3 seconds (selective)



Rhythm Metronome














  • Power Source: 230V 50 Hz
  • Tempo range of 40-208 beats per minute
  • Loud rethymic beats with flashing red LED
  • It starts and stops instantly and beats uniformly.


















  • Small and light weight
  • Easy to handle
  • Display 2" X 2" slide from 0.1 to 9.9 seconds.
  • A ready tone is provided.



Glare Recovery Tester














  • Quartz controlled digital clock
  • Latest technology and use of only well tried components ensures most reliable operation
  • Back light illuminated word on LCD
  • User friendly in operation
  • Remote controlled response Button
  • Power Source: 220V 50Hz
  • Number of words: 20
  • Stimulation time: 01 sec to 99 sec



Digital Tapping

Test Apparatus

MODEL TA-992                                                          













  • Used for testing hand tapping speed
  • Used to determine whether the subject is left handed or right handed
  • Digital Pannel.