Spiro Meter


PC Pulmonary Funtion Test










  • Digital Spirometer with automatic interpration.
  • DIrectory connect to USB, no external power supply required.
  • Windows based user friendly software.
  • Multiple report formats with color printout.
  • FVC, SVC, MVV, Respiratory pattern, Broncho challenge tests.













  • Digital Spirometer with automatic interpretation
  • Easily sterilizable pneumotach
  • Simple and troublefree technology
  • Accurate And precise
  • Windows based user friendly software
  • Real time display of flow volume loops
  • Encouragement screens for better efforts
  • User's configurable prediction tables
  • Pediatric encouragement software
  • Automatic BTPS Correction
  • Multiple report formats with colour printout
  • Unlimited test result storage and retrieval
  • Report can be sent via e-mail.