Digital windows based ENG System









Options Available

  • 2 Channel 
  • 4 Channel 


  • USB Connectivity no external power supply required. 
  • Operating system window XP/Vista.
  •  Facility to record Saccade, Gaze, Pursuit, Positional, Dix Hallpike,  Caloric & Optokinetic.
  •  Automatic plotting of butterfly charts.
  •  Auto Calibration facility
  •  User definable test sequence
  • Automatic calculation of culmination frequency with manual override
  • Auto  calculation of slow phase velocity (SPV)
  • Auto derivation of canal perisis and Directional preponderance
  • Optical isolation for patient safety
  • Software controlled light bar
  • Patent data comparison
  • Online/ Offline reformatting of sensitivity & filter
  • Optional data export to excel file for educational research
  • Internal Loop- Back test to check system integrity
  • Light Weight and portable to carry easily
  • Compatible to Laptop or Desktop