Single Channel

ECG Machine











  • Ample clear ECG tracing.
  • Automatic & Manual modes.
  • Feather touch key operation.
  • Parameters Display on backlit LCD.
  • In built rechargeable battery with charger.
  • Compact light weight portable easy to use.
  • Maintenance free thermal aray printer hence
    free from friction, non linerity,
    damping & stylus heating problems.                       












Options Available

  • Cardifax-3
  • Cardiofax-3R    

  • 5 Patient Storage.
  • Onlione Heart rate Display.
  • Alphanumeric backlit LCD 16x2 characters.
  • Feather touch memrane keypad function button.
  • Automatic lead marking.
  • Powerful AC & EMG filter .
  • Provides accurate, validated measurements of
    Heart rate, Axis, Intervals &duration with interpretation.

3 Channel

ECG Machine      







  • Power supply: 110/220V.50/60 Hz      
  • Upto 200 ECG storage.
  • Manual, Auto and arrhythmia analysis mode.
  • High resolution coloured TFT display.
  • 3 lead with rhythm printing on 80mm printer..
  • Real- time 12-ch ECG waveform display.
  • USB, RS232 Interface ( ECGNET software optional).
  • DC/AC  powwer with built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery.
  • Three Channel ECG machine with interpretation














  • Simultaneous acquistion of
    12 leads.
  • Automatic or
    Manual measurements.
  • Adjustable gain,sweep speed
    and filters.
  • Storage on Hard disk,and CD-ROM.
  • storage of different visits or multiple
    ECG pages in the same file for easy retrieval, record keeping
    and comparison.
  • Easy connectivity with laptop & desktop pc.
  • Economical Prints outs on a standard
    A4 size paper with & without grid.
  • Automatic measurements of Amplitude of all
    12 leads, AXIS (P,QRS and T).
  • Various intervals/duration, PR,RR,QRS,QT
    & QTC.
  • Split Screen facility.
  • Comprehensive reports can be printed for all
    display types of Review and Analysis.
  • Print card output in various formats.
  • Operating Systems Window-XP/Windows 7.
  • Transfer of ECG data via E-mail.
  • Optional data storage in PDF format.
  • Advanced patient data management.
  • No hardware installations internal to the PC.