Stress Test System










Options Available

  • CV-USB (Standard Module)
  • CW-USB(Wireless Module)


  • Optically isolated amplifier.
  • State-of-the-art Windows based Stress Test Software.
  • Wide range of comprehensive reports.
  • Online/Offline printing.
  • Post-test review and edit facility.
  • Digital filter for noise distorion free recording.Crystal clear
    wave forms with steady base line ensured by
    innovative baseline correction alogorithm.
  • Medicaid`s in-house fabricated medical grade trad mill driven
    by 3 HP German Technology motor with apprehensive safety features.
  • Easy availabilty of service and spares.
  • Graphical representation of ST-HR trends.
  • Performs both resting 12 lead ECGs & stress tests on one system.
  • Axis and interval measurements(Resting ECG).
  • Pre- programmed protocols including Bruce,Modified
    Bruce,Ellestad,Naughton and user editable protocols.
  • Antistatic treadmill belt.
  • Optional wireless patient module.